Our weekend at a spyglass glance:
  • Fri - Los Angeles (Long Beach), CA - set sail 5:30pm
  • Sat - Ensenada, Mexico - 8am-6pm
  • Sun - At Sea
  • Mon - Los Angeles (Long Beach), CA - arrive in port 7am

Friday - Bon Voyage & Bonne Chance
  • 1-4pm - Check-in at the Carnival dock, Port of Los Angeles (Long Beach)
  • 5:30pm - Set sail
  • 7pm - Vet your fellow agents over a 'non-accusatory' casual dinner together as we glean our first clues as to the microchip's whereabouts 
  • 8:30pm - Leave your cares and the police back on the mainland as you take to the sea for 3 days of relaxation, good food and good ole fashioned espionage

Saturday - Over the Border or Overboard?
  • 8:30am - Lido buffet breakfast & suspicious revelations
  • 9am-6pm - Enjoy Ensenada as the international jet-setter you are
  • Mysterious info may be gleaned on the ship as well as in port throughout the day
  • 7pm - Lido dinner & plot thickening
  • 8:30pm - OYO (On Your Own) entertainment

Sunday - International Waters 
  • 9am - Main Dining Room brunch with a side of mystery. We'll enjoy a decadent meal and discuss the dubious goings on
  • 10am-3pm - OYO activities & lunch. Might we suggest the Serenity adults only area of the ship? Or perhaps the spa or an enrichment class?
  • Clues to be found on ship
  • 3pm - A spot of tea, a touch of mystery. Join us for the most civilized of repasts, as we take cream tea together and take on each other. Be prepared for accusations to fly!
  • 4-7pm - OYO
  • 7-8:30pm - Dress to the nines for our final showdown & denouement
  • 8:30pm - OYO. We'll be attending the ship's stage show if you're not yet sick of us and want to join in

Monday - Terra Firma
  • 6:30-8:30am - Dine on your own, bright and early at any of the ship's breakfast eateries. Your cruise mystress, Joy, will be noshing a breakfast burrito at the BlueIguana at 8am if you'd care to join her
  • 9am - Debark