Does Carnival offer airport to pier transfers?
Unfortunately, no. But shuttles and taxicabs are at the ready at both LAX (Los Angeles International Airport) and the local and very convenient Long Beach Airport. Parking is available at the port.

When should I can check-in at the ship?
You must be checked in at least 90 minutes prior to the announced sailing time (by 3pm to be safe), and on board at least 60 minutes prior 32:30pm to be safe).  Since the arrival time is subject to Customs and Immigration, boarding can be a crap shoot. General boarding generally commences around 1pm or thereabouts.  Here's a link to Carnival's embarkation page

How many bags may I check?
A limit of 2 weighing no more than 50 lbs each is 'recommended,' though there is no actual restriction.

Will my cell phone work while at sea?
Yes it will.  And you may have international roaming charges to prove it.

How do I book a land excursion?
Once you've decided on any Ensenada excursions that interest you, we suggest booking them directly ahead of time to ensure your spot. And of course, the cruise crew can help you with arrangements once you're onboard.

Does the ship have wifi?
Yes, but do you really need it on this most romantic and relaxing of weekends? Should you be desperate to get online, wife is available at the following rates:
• 480 minutes for $159 USD
• 240 minutes for $89 USD
• 120 minutes for $59 USD
• 45 minutes for $29 USD
• Pay As You Go: $0.75/min

Are there additional fees I should know about?
Yes! As stated on our Pricing page, you should expect $12 per day in gratuity fees and up to $84 in taxes, fuel and miscellaneous ship fees.

What sort of identification is necessary?
Passport book or card, if you plan to get off the ship.

Please visit Carnival's Help page for additional details and updated fees.